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Creating Change

Global Ukraine is an Initiative created by a high school student in New York. This organization seeks to evoke massive changes to the lives of Ukrainian individuals that have been displaced from their homes and severely affected by the ongoing conflict occurring in Ukraine. Young people are the future leaders of the world and it is imperative that young individuals seek to create a better society, one that strives to help those individuals suffering and experiencing hardships on the other side of the world. A single act of change can dramatically alter the lives of those in Ukraine.

The belief of Global Ukraine is that one act of change can allow for significant change to the families affected by the war in Ukraine. 

Core Values

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Global Ukraine is backed by the belief that human suffering should be alleviated, and humans should seek to improve society by becoming the change they wish to see in the world. We seek to display acts of kindness and compassion to those in desperate need of aid!

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To have perseverance is to strive to achieve something despite difficult challenges. Global Ukraine conveys extreme tenacity by aiming to make a difference in the world and fighting for crucial causes, like the war in Ukraine. We will not stop fighting until every individual in Ukraine receives the aid that they deserve.

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Collaboration with other individuals allows for the creation of innovative ideas. In today’s modern age of interconnectedness, the power to collaborate and share ideas with others allows us to unite and fight to solve crucial issues, making our world a better place.



Jessica Vartanov

I am a highschool student from New York! I started Global Ukraine because I am extremely passionate about helping individuals suffering in Ukraine, being that I have cultural ties and connections to Eastern Europe. I believe that helping those in need and being the change you wish to see in the world will allow me to set an example for other teenagers, causing them to aspire to make change in our society.